One Drug Candidate for Several Therapeutic Applications

Axalbion has developed and evaluated new patented TRPM8 agonists. Biological testing was performed to identify candidates with optimal pharmacodynamic features for topical treatments.


AX-8, our lead candidate, shows differentiating features:

  • High potency on human TRPM8;
  • Unique long-lasting effects on target tissues (i.e. permeable epithelia of the eyelid and throat).

In patients, AX-8 is expected to:

  • Act locally on sensory termini from target tissues;
  • Modulate reflex arcs to normalize pathological conditions;
  • Have a mid to long-term disease-modifying potential;
  • Have a rapid-onset effect on chronic symptoms.

Axalbion has initiated drug development programmes for AX-8 as a treatment for refractory chronic cough (RCC) and dry eye syndrome (DES):

  • AX-8 presents a very good toxicity and safety profile in animal models giving confidence for future clinical development;
  • AX-8 is very well tolerated on oral mucosa and in the eye;
  • Positive results of proof of concept studies in animal models and patients demonstrate AX-8 efficacy.

pipeline graph

*Pre-clinical and clinical proofs of concept for TRPM8 agonists show evidence to develop AX-8 lead candidate