Neuronal TRPM8 as a Target

TRPM8 is a Molecular Transducer Expressed in Sensory Neurons

TRPM8 ion channel is expressed by approximately 10–15% of somatosensory neurons.

TRPM8 is the primary molecular transducer of cold somatosensation, in a range between 8°C – 25°C, in humans. Activation by cold or agonists in peripheral termini lead to the generation of action potentials and eventually of cold perception in the brain.

Studies demonstrated that TRPM8 activation may have an analgesic function (especially in inflammatory and neuropathic conditions).

TRPM8 as a Potential Pharmaceutical Target

Since its cloning in 2002, extensive research on the neurophysiological and pathological roles of TRPM8 has been done, identifying the receptor as a potential target to relieve symptoms or cure several diseases, far beyond its function as thermoreceptor.

TRPM8 Agonists as Treatments for Several Pathologies

Axalbion’s in vivo and ex vivo proof of concept experiments, supported by scientific literature, suggest that its lead candidates AX-8 and AX-10 could be used to treat diseases such as: